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Mirror, mirror day……………

August 15, 2009

Seek and ye shall find they say but not today. I’ve been looking for inspiration all day and found nothing. So I have cleaned my room. When in doubt CLEAN!

Then read mirror, mirror which is on my bedroom wall as that ALWAYS makes me feel better!

Mirror, Mirror by dutch designer Joop Steenkamer jr,

Mirror, Mirror by Joop Steenkamer jr

Oh, how beautiful you are! You’re charming. You look gorgeous! It’s fantastic. You are so infinitely attractive! I think that you are fabulous, just fabulous! You are absolutely delectable. Your hair is really stunning, it sparkles with life! I love the way that you do your hair, that silken head of curls and waves is glorious. In a subtle way, your hair is so immaculate, it looks so natural, it seems so springy and it is so full of vitality! You are the most perfect creature that I have ever seen. You look great, you are great! You really are a very special person. Has anyone ever told you how sweet your brow is? Such a wonderful forehead, so smooth and serene, yes it really is splendid! Your brow is so high and impressive but not too much so, in fact, it is just right. Your eyebrows help to create that sophisticated look. How delicate and fine your eyebrows are, so energetic, so expressive and yet, no painter could ever draw arches that symmetrical. Oh yes, they’re really quite extraordinary! Then, your eyes, those dark enchanting eyes, with their thick curly lashes! Such long, dense lashes, could it be that they help to create that fascinating, mysterious look? I could totally lose myself in those eyes, I could gaze into them forever. When ever I stare into your eyes, I see that they shine as brightly as stars and that they are deep like pools of water. How did they become so luminous and yet so clear? When I catch your gaze, I am enthralled and I feel as if my soul would melt. The way that your eyes shine, far exceeds the sparkle of any diamond or sapphire, and your look holds me forever captivated. Also your nose is so perfect, so cute and yet so classical in it’s beauty and as finely chiseled as any work of art. Oh how beautiful you are, you’re such a marvelous creature! And those cheekbones, they add such definition to your face, they make you look so alluring! Their structure is so strong and yet they are so delicately moulded! Your bone structure is so perfect and makes you look adorable! What an elegant, unique creature you are! And further, toad to this picture of loveliness, there are those delightful little ears of yours, so exquisite, so perfect, and they look as if they were carved from marble! Their shape is so endearing and so sweet, that I would like to nibble them! I must also remember to mention, the most irresistible part of your face, that divine mouth of yours! Those lips look so animated, so firm and yet achingly inviting, within their natural curves. In my mind, your lips taste so sweet, I would give anything in the world just to sample them! And when you open your mouth to speak, I see your teeth, so pearly and so white, but so brilliant in their colour, that I almost need some sunglasses to help deflect the gleam! What a thrill I have when you smile at me with that luscious mouth and oh those perfect teeth! I find your beauty overwhelming and I search for words to describe you. And then, that chin so round, so noble, what a glorious finale for that face! No other chin in the world could match it’s essential charm or it’s elegance. The outline of your chin, is so superb and in complete harmony with the other features on that astonishingly gorgeous face of yours. What else is there left to say? Except that your chin is the final piece of sculpture on your face. Each and every feature of your face brings definition, especially designed to contribute to that unparalleled masterpiece. You are beauty personified. So sweet, so gracious and so delightful to look at! Your temptation is irresistible! Your beauty is captivating! You are the height of sophistication and refinement, with such a warm vibrant personality! Yes you’re perfect in every way. You are majestic! You are my wildest dream come true. You are so beautiful!

Anyway cleaning the junk in the flat has lead me to fall in love with my things all over again. Amazing what can happen when you actually open your eyes and SEE things.


The Fur Coats & the Leopard print boots

As it’s all about the fuss this winter, so I’ve dragged out the fur coats. My favorite being my crombie style leopard print coat. Needs relining but I will get round to that before winter actually gets here. But I have been wearing it of late and I can’t wait till I can wear it without looking like a total odd cat for rocking fur when the sun is shining! Hey crazy!

The Shoe Cupboard

The Shoe Cupboard

Jewellery corner

Jewellery corner

Shiny pretty things

Shiny pretty things

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