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Topshop Make Up Virtual Makeover…

May 7, 2010

The older I get, the less make up I seem to be wearing. Funny you’d think I’d need more, but less I feel is better, besides where do you find the time to apply a full face of make-up before work? Anyway if like me, you now wonder what you’d look like but only have a spare half an hour, then I suggest you have a go on Topshop Make Up’s new virtual makeover tool.

That’s right, nothing could be easier than to upload an image of yourself and check out how you could look ‘made up! Much easier than actually having an in store makeover and then insulting the make up artist for getting over excited with colour (which they ALWAYS seem to do when given my face as a blank canvas to work on) – seriously why oh why do these people insist on making ya look like Lady Gaga’s (much younger) sister? Anyway you won’t have to endure the ‘drag effect’ unless you go a little overboard with your virtual mascara wand! Genius…

Topshop Make Up Virtual Makeover Hey Crazy erica samba-ngoie fashion beauty lifestyle  blogg

Topshop Make Up Virtual Makeover

Now the only question is do I look better or worst in Topshop Make Up?


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