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Tiffany & Co. Launch iPhone® App for Engagement Rings

June 16, 2010

This year, so far two of my girl friends have got engaged and there’s one wedding. At present, I have two other girl friends secretly wishing their men would ‘put a ring on it’ (as Beyoncé would say); and with that in mind Tiffany & Co  has got smart and launched an iPhone app for engagement rings!

The app offers users the tools for selecting the perfect Tiffany diamond engagement ring, from viewing the range of styles to learning about Tiffany diamonds – it even has a ring sizer feature so you can also determine the appropriate engagement ring size by placing an actual ring on the iPhone’s screen and aligning it with circles provided by the app’s ring sizer!

So to my girls out there that are trying to get him to put a ring on it – download the app to his iPhone, he’ll soon get the message!

Tiffany & C. iPhone® App for Engagement Rings hey crazy image
Tiffany & Co iPhone® App for Engagement Rings
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