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The girl with the face tattoo….

January 2, 2012

I guess it started with Jessica Clark appearing in The Hundreds Magazine which has sparked a mini internet interest in girls with tattoos on their faces. Now I am a lover of tattoos. I have 5, none on my face. In my eyes it takes a certain kind of strength (or may be stupidity) to chose to endure that kind of pain on your face! Think setting a match to your cheek and that’s how I imagine the pain of a face tattoo. My tattoos (I think) are in discreet places, places that in 40 years time wont bother me. Call me vain I simply couldn’t tattoo my face for fear of what it would look like in 40 years time.

This isn’t something Jessica worries about. And for that I applaud her. And this other lady with the face tattoo….

The girl with the face tattoo at Bullett Magazine party

The girl with the face tattoo at Bullett Magazine party cobrasnake


The girl with the face tattoo
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  1. ralf permalink
    May 24, 2012 9:03 am

    who is this woman ?

  2. Erica permalink
    March 12, 2013 12:27 pm

    Pretty wqman. Love that face tattoo. Wish I had the guts to have something like that done… Maybe some day…

    • Bep permalink
      March 22, 2014 10:26 am

      Well, Erica, when you have decided we all are very interested to see it. Women with tattoos on their faces certainly are brave. I like that. Please let us know when you do it !

  3. Everett permalink
    March 19, 2013 11:03 am

    Tattoos on a nice female are about the sexiest thing they can have done to their bodies. One particular night doing IT with my (now ex) wife I kicked on looking at her eye make up, and imagined tattooing that permanently…
    I have some tattoo experience and could do it myself, I thought.
    When later I broached the subject of permanent make up, she was very interested.
    The first thing I did was to shave off all the little hairs of her eyebrows and tattoo a new set on her forehead.
    Later we had all the hairs outside the tattoo removed permanetly,
    The eyeliner she didn’t trust to me, so we had that done by a professional.
    I had a bit of an argument with the tattooist,about the thickness and te length of it. In the end she did what I wanted.
    I still kick on those eyes !
    But it was not enough yet, once you start with that, you never seem to stop again…
    Next we decided to get her vagina tattooed. This time we had all the pubic hairv removed first. That took a long time many session, I wanted to start tattooing her there….

    Now she’s got a great “Twattoo”! Beautiful flowers surrounding her warm and wet…. Very colorful, the way I like to see a tattoo…

    And the next thing? Well after a few nice, wel placed tats on her sensuous body, we discussed a real commitment, i.e. her face…
    She only wanted to fantasize about it when we had been out and she had a few drinks in her.
    That situation remained for a few years, but talking about it became easier for her, even to the point of joking about it when she was stone sober…
    On day out of the blue, she said: why don’t we make a nice design for my face?
    I was surprised, but jumped at the chance.
    Many week ends we were drawing fantasies, but never satifactory and finally I said: This is IT. Monday we make an appointment with the tattooist !
    I had never expected her reaction: Okay, let’s do that!

    She stuck with her deal, we made the appointment and soon my dear was on the couch with the buzzing needles…. It was an unbelievable experience to see those needles work on her face…. Leaving a lovely trail of ink…. Thousands of time they penetrated my honey’s skin to sta there forever.
    MY design on HER face….!!!
    Her forehead first, then to her temple, where we had to do a bit of shaving. Her cheek was very exciting and I had a lot of remarks for the artist, who tried to save her face at the cost of the tattoo.
    I argued tha this was going tio be her new face !!
    So on her cheek we went right up to it. Then aroung the curve of her mouth and to he chin.
    She is a most fantastic sight !!!
    We used plenty of colors and she is a most spectacular woman ever…

    No woman will ever turn me on like this one!! Yet unbelievably after five years she divorced me… I miss those tattoos the most.


  4. Nora permalink
    May 18, 2013 7:24 pm

    That looks a lot like henna !!!

    • Jean permalink
      September 3, 2013 6:13 am

      That’s not henna! It’s the real thing, alright !

  5. Marianneca permalink
    December 23, 2013 4:33 am

    My husband and I have read the story of Everett’s wife with interest. My husband is very much interested in tattooing…me…!
    I have some quite nice tattoos on my body, all his design. Getting tattooed is definetely a sensual experience for me, so I have had it done several times. It is extremely exciting for him too.
    After eight years of marriage, he told me he wanted me to get my face tattooed too. That was a bit too much for me and I begged him not to…
    Yet now that we are ten years married, we invited our trusted tattoo artist at home to do my face !!
    I can’t describe the sensations I felt while I was getting tattooed on my forehead. It was like a horribly wonderful dream….
    My husband was totally crazy about it and for the whole winter he could not leave me alone.
    I LOVED it !!
    Showing that in public was another matter, of course. First I hid it under my thick bangs when I went out.
    This year, for the first time he combed my hair back and dragged me to a bar-nightclub showing my tattoo
    I had a lot of people staring at me and only a few dared to speak to me about it.
    Slowly I am getting used to it and I admit I am beginning to like the reactions of the people.
    When our twelve an a half years came up, I decided to surprise him with the tattoo continued on my cheek down to my chin.
    He had made a design years ago already.
    I had a girl friend put the whole procedure on vvideo, so my husband could watch it as many times as he wanted.
    I really love my face tattoo, my husband is more devoted to me that ever ! We made a wonderful trip to Europe and are pl;anning one to South East Asia. He wants to see the Oriental designs, available there…. Yes for me…!!!
    Lafe is one great adventure and I love it !
    Anybody thinking about getting a face tato, I say: Ladies go for it !! You only live once, live it to the fullest !!

  6. Erica permalink
    June 10, 2014 12:50 am

    March last year I made a remark here, about not having the guts to have a tattoo put on my face.
    Well…., it took a year before i could get myself to make an appointment with the tattoo parlor.
    We disccussed the design. He made a neat drawing of it, I liked it and the Monday after, I was very nervous, but forced myself to go !
    I actually broke out in a sweat, when he put the needles to my face and moved the machine….
    I have now three beautiful flowers tattooed on my forehead in such a way that if I want to, it can be made in one larger one and even continue on to my temple….or my cheek…..?
    The week before I had my hair cut with thick bangs down to my eyebrows, so I can hide the tattoo.
    I am afraid it will take some time, before I will dare to show my forehead publicly. I am very excited by it. It is still healing and I am very careful in taking care of it, so I will not get an infection.
    The idea of getting my face tattooed has been with me for many ears already. But I never did it, not untill after my parents had passed away. The sweet dears never could have accepted their daughter being tattooed !

  7. Bep permalink
    May 26, 2015 10:19 am

    I think I may have seen your ex, she still sports that great tattoo on her face and works in a bar in California ! he is a pretty woman with very dark (black) hair and a nice figure, right ?

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